Live, work, and do business on your own terms in a way that gives you more freedom and feels fulfilling and meaningful to you.


Outside of the Circle provides an online program and supportive community for professionals, including business owners, corporate executives, lawyers, and other high-achievers who are redefining what success means to them and creating change to achieve what matters most to them.





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You are in the right place if:


- you want to create the freedom to live, work, or do business on your own terms in a way that feels fulfilling and meaningful to you. 

- you want to create change to achieve what matters most to you. 

- you feel it is time for a new chapter in your life, work, career, or business.

- you are navigating a time of transition in your life and have a sneaking suspicion it is time for change.

- you've achieved success in conventional terms but it doesn't feel like it is what you want anymore and you want to redefine what success means to you and build your life, work, or business around that.   

If any of this resonates with you, Outside of the Circle is for you. Join us. 

What you will learn in our program  


In our step-by-step curriculum you will learn practical strategies on how to: 

- clear your path of the things that don't serve you in your life, work, or business.

- take back control of your time and schedule so that you have more time, space, and energy to focus on what really matters most to you and feel less overwhelmed and less busy. 

 - design your next chapter and know that it is the right path for you and will give you the freedom to live, work, or do business on your own terms in a way that feels fulfilling and meaningful to you.

- bridge the gap to get from where you are to where you want to be using effective planning strategies.

- get on track and stay on track to achieve consistent progress and tangible results using a proven framework, system and process.

- create change successfully by integrating plans and tasks with the key human factors that will create specific outcomes and stop you from getting in your own way.

- unleash your true potential to achieve what matters most to you by identifying the specific areas of personal growth and development that will set you up to succeed and creating your own individual personal evolution plan. 


Our curriculum gives you a process and framework that will guide you through exactly what it takes to create the freedom to live, work, or do business on your own terms in a way that feels fulfilling and meaningful to you.


It simplifies the change process to help you get unstuck, move forward with confidence, and achieve what matters most to you.


How the program is structured:

The curriculum is an online, self-study format so that you can work through it at your own pace. Our framework and process include step-by-step video tutorials, assignments, and worksheets to help you implement what you are learning as you go to create consistent progress and tangible results. 


Support throughout the whole process:

You don't have to do it all alone. You will have access to online live support sessions, monthly mastermind sessions, and support from our online global community. 

Changing the status quo brings with it challenges. It can feel like a difficult path to navigate alone. It can create uncomfortable feelings like uncertainty, discomfort, fear, and mixed emotions.

That is why our curriculum and community are intentionally designed with plenty of support options that you can use when you need them. We are here to support you every step of the way. 

Our approach is designed with your busy schedule in mind

As a busy professional, carving out time to work on creating the life, work, or business you want for yourself and investing in your personal growth and development can feel challenging. So we have designed our approach to make it easier for you.

We take a step-by-step, paced approach, with everything we do. This enables you to implement the strategies you will be learning at a manageable pace that is designed to fit into your schedule so that you can achieve consistent progress and tangible results.

Unleash your true potential. Invest in your personal evolution. 


In addition to our curriculum, every month we focus on one topic related to your personal and professional growth and development that will support you in becoming who you want and need to be to achieve what matters most to you. Here's how it works:  


Monthly Recorded Learning Module and Assignment

The first week of every month you will receive a recorded learning module, assignment, and worksheet so you can work through that month's topic at a time convenient for your schedule. We know your time is precious so all modules are designed to be less than 30 minutes long. All learning modules and resources are accessible 24/7 in your private online resource portal.


Monthly Group Live Online Mastermind and Q&A session

The third week of every month, we get together on Zoom to discuss and mastermind on that month's learning module and assignment with other members. It is also an opportunity to ask any questions you might have and get support. All live sessions are recorded and posted in the resource portal.


Expert guest masterclasses 

Periodically, we have special expert guests join us to share their expertise on a topic relevant to our members. 


Connect with our global community of business owners, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and other professionals. 

Private Community Group 

Support and discussions.

Our exclusive platform gives you a private and confidential place to get support as you work through your course material, assignments, and worksheets. Get feedback, brainstorm ideas, ask questions, discuss our monthly modules, etc. 

Peer Pods

Learn. Grow. Succeed. 

Collaborative learning sessions in which we share experiences, expertise, and wisdom on a specific topic or ask questions and get help on that topic.  

Private, exclusive platform

A confidential space.

Our community and resource portal are hosted on a private platform (Kajabi) which is  only accessible by members with a login and password. It can accessed by desktop or our app which you can download to your phone. 

Ali Davies, Founder of Outside of the Circle. Change Strategist.

Over 20 years ago, I felt unfulfilled with the status quo, personally and professionally. I wanted to change my life to create the freedom to live, work, and do business on my own terms in a way that felt fulfilling and meaningful to me. 

I started to question the conventional definition of success. As a result, I redefined what success meant to me, designed a new chapter for my life and work, and figured out how to create all the necessary changes to make that happen.  

After a 14 year corporate career, I left in 2001 to start my own business. I have moved countries twice (from England to Ireland for 7 years and from Ireland to Canada, where I now live on an island off the west coast). For the last 20 years, I have designed my business to fit around how I wanted to live and work.    

It wasn't easy.  There were lots of setbacks, challenges, and mistakes along the way. I had to figure out through trial and error how to navigate the path of change to get from where I was to where I am today.

Once I figured out how to do it, I turned everything I learned about living and working Outside of the Circle of the status quo into a framework and process, which I have been teaching to my private clients for the last two decades. 

I have now turned that into this online program and community to share my framework process with people who like to learn at their own pace and value being surrounded by a supportive community of other professionals navigating a similar journey.   

Join me, Outside of the Circle!

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What clients say

Tangible results achieved 

Changed career from corporate director to business owner

"Ali is a very inspiring lady. I attribute my successful departure from corporate life and the creation of my own business to Ali’s expert coaching. Her own experiences from the business world ensure she is very in touch with the needs of her clients whilst her understanding of personal development techniques mean that she is also an expert guide for clients making changes in their private life." - Samantha Jung-Fielding

Achieved tangible results using our practical strategies

"Having worked closely with Ali, I can only say everyone needs a mentor like her!  I like practical solutions to real issues and Ali helped all who attended the program find theirs." - Claire Graham

Took bold action to achieve her personal and business goals

"Ali’s expert coaching on change strategies have helped me enormously as I grow my business. Her insight into the beliefs and behaviours we have, how they impact our actions, and how we can create new habits to change these, has allowed me to make a fundamental mindset shift and take bold action in my business. I would highly recommend her." - Hayley McKenzie

Who is the program and community for?


Our community include professionals who are business owners, corporate executives/directors/senior managers, credentialed professionals (e.g. lawyers, accountants, health professionals, etc.), and other high achieving professionals. 

Our members bring decades of personal and professional experience, expertise, knowledge, and wisdom to our community and discussions, which we all share to support each other. 

All of our members are over 45. Most are in their 50s, and 60s.. 

Frequently asked questions

Join us, Outside of the Circle!


We are piloting an upgraded version of our curriculum starting on 1st July 2024.

Join us and get our curriculum and 12 months of access to our community and membership for just $697 CAD. The full fee when we do the full public launch will be $1997 CAD.

Registration closes on 26th June 2024. Apply now. 

If you have any questions or want to check if the program, community, and membership is a fit for you before you apply, contact me, here. 

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Join the private pilot of the upgraded curriculum

$697 CAD

Normal fee $1997

This one-off significantly reduced fee will never be repeated. 

Join us now, Outside of the Circle. 

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14-day money-back guarantee: I want this to feel like a safe investment for you. So, if for any reason you want to cancel your membership, let us know within the first 14 days and you will receive a full refund.